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This website has two parts: a front end where are the main articles are posted and a back end or private social networking system for members to interact with each other and make friends.

You may want to start with the “About Us” page to get a feel for what this website is all about.  When you join the website, you can comment on the articles and access the hidden member area.  The hidden area is a social networking platform to get to know other like-minded people. 

Once you are signed up and logged in, you may also want to click here to make sure you stay up to date with what’s going on.  You don’t have to be a member to subscribe to newsletter updates, but simply subscribing to the newsletter without actually creating an account here, won’t allow you access to the member’s only area of the website.   Subscribing to the updates will keep you up to date when new information is posted or when we have a meeting scheduled, very much like a Newsletter, but it much more than that.  You can join as a member or subscribe or both.  If you wish to catch up on old updates that you may have missed, click Newsletter Archive  or you can click Recent Articles to see some of the posted articles.

When articles are posted, they will be available in the “Recent Posts” section to the right or the “Recent Articles” section in the menu bar and I’ll send out an update when new articles are posted. Sometimes older posts can be hard to find (if your looking for something specific), so in that case please use the search bar and enter a key word or two. If you have any questions or problems or wish to contact me, please use the contact us page.