COVID-19 Exosomes = BS Conspiracy Theory

Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out what is fake news and what isn’t. Likewise, it can be very difficult to figure out what is a Bullshit Conspiracy Theory and what is a real Conspiracy.

The confusion on these topics is very much like trying to “choose the best diet” because even “the experts” don’t agree and what’s worse is that you have pseudo science idiots out there (like the following video) pretending to know what they’re talking about and they don’t. They make a clever and compelling video that looks plausible… and Abracadabra – another BS Conspiracy Theory out there to further muddy the water on what’s true and what is not.

Take a look at this 9 minute video and you’ll know exactly what “Pseudo Science” is all about. In fact, this video should be the poster child for fake new and pseudo science. I’ll explain why in a moment, but take a look at this video.

Should you take the COVID19 Test? No, but not for the reasons in this video…


The video starts out absolutely true, and I total agree we should all suspend our preconceived ideas, opinions and confirmation bias. I even agree with everything he says, all the way up to 1:30 seconds into the video. At 1:45, However, that’s where he begins to blur the lines between fact and fiction.

You know, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on this guy and maybe I should not call people who put out fake news, idiots – maybe they mean well, it’s just frustrating… Ok – let’s keep watching…

I’ll give him one brownie point for saying that “viruses are generally regarded as not alive“. I mean on one hand, that’s sort of true based on what most people would consider to be alive such as an animal for example. However last time I checked, a virus is NOT A THEORY. He is comparing an “Exosomes Theory to a Virus Theory” – um, one of these is not a theory. A virus is just as real as other parasites such as bacteria. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, I just read a lot… SO perhaps, my bias is showing.. let me put that aside and let’s keep watching…

I think you’ll be able to follow my reasoning quite clearly at 5:20 into the video where I believe he makes a fatal flaw by saying that because the people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship didn’t all get sick from one another, that covid-19 must be an Exosome, and not a virus.

That’s where I have to call bullshit and say – No – covid19 is simply not as contagious as we were told it is. Plus, covid19 is no more deadly than the common flu and some people have much better immune systems than others.

And yet again at 6:20 in the video he claims that because the virus is not spreading as it should or does not appear to be as contagious as we’re told that it must be an Exosome and not a virus! WTF ? I’m afraid I have to disagree with him on these claims. If someone can prove otherwise, I would love to hear your view points.

Also, the commentator in the video makes no mention about “the virus” being analyzed by dozens of other top scientists around the world who have all confirmed that covid-19 is absolutely a man-made virus, completely impossible of occurring naturally in the wild or on it’s own.

He also fails to admit that we now have a money trail proving without a doubt that ‘gain of function’ research was funded by Obama and Fauci and then outsourced to the Wuhan virology lab in china. We can also prove that Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have intimate ties and are absolutely working together for several years prior to covid-19 being released in the fall of 2019. These facts are not relative to whether or not the virus is contagious or if it’s an exosome or a virus, but the fact that the commentator in the video failed to mention any of this being a serious reason to not get any sort of test or vaccine – that should be a huge red flag to anyone with a little common sense.

Let me spell it out for you… If nefarious people (with a family history of evil) devise a plot to create a biological weapon, plan for it’s outcome (Event 201), release it on their own people (the human race), and then hype it up to promote their cure for political and financial gain – THAT alone should be your reason to NOT take THEIR test or Vaccine. Don’t try to confuse people or muddy the already contaminated conspiracy waters.

Yes, the covid-19 tests do report false positives and yes I agree on the tests being bogus, but I could give you a 100 more deadly reasons why you should NOT take the test or vaccine…. But keep digging – the answers are coming.

Here’s a link back to the original YT video and to the uploader’s channel just in case you want to look more into this on the grounds that I am taking something out of context or misunderstanding the points. And speaking of taking something out of context or misunderstanding – the author of the video states, “Most of the case studies come from this paper by David Crowe“. However, I’ll be utterly amazed if YT doesn’t yank the video down though. In fact, if they do delete the video and the 47 page paper that it is referencing to, here it is on my server for redundancy. When I get a minute I will read that paper for myself.

Even though I disagree with the overall message of the video (haven’t read the paper it’s referring to yet), I do believe the video does contain a lot of truth and should not be deleted off YouTube simply because we don’t agree with it.

Everyone should be allowed to exercise their own critical thinking skills. Too bad, most of us have all forgotten how to do that.

Lastly, at 7:32 he says that because sometimes people test positive for covid-19, then negative, then positive and this would make sense for an exosome theory, but not for a virus theory. Um, what about the fact that the test is bullshit ? If the Covid-19 test is BS, then that would explain the erroneous results, not that covid19 isn’t a virus, WTF ?

OF COURSE WE SHOULD REFUSE THE COVID-19 TEST (and the vaccine) ! (and with the 2nd amendment if necessary), but don’t refuse it for the reasons specified in this BS video – instead – take a look at this article I wrote or this one written by someone else, or this one. But if you don’t have time to read all those, then just start with this one if you want to see where all this is going. It’s time to wake up and do something about it people!