COVID-19: The Second Wave

Get ready folks, it’s coming! How do we know “it’s coming” – are we psychic? No – the power elite / Globalists (or whatever you want to call them) are telling us it’s coming. We’ve been hearing it for weeks – says, “Second wave of coronavirus likely to be even more devastating“. Mayo Clinic Experts warn of a potential second wave of COVID-19 this coming fall. “Beware of the second wave of COVID-19“….

And on, and on and on they go. A simple Google search will turn up dozens if not hundreds of articles all talking about and suggesting a Second Wave of Coronavirus.

However, I’m afraid to report – that its probably NOT going to a Second Wave of COVID-19 – but a brand new more Virulent Virus! Based on what we know and what the experts are telling us, COVID-19 was just a WARM UP – A Dress Rehearsal! Covid-19 was a trial run to see how things play out before they unleash the REAL ONE.

How does the old 1974 Bachman Turner Overdrive song go? “baby you ain’t seen nothing yet!” ? I mean if you thought Covid-19 is / was bad – fasten your seat belt Dorothy because Kansas is about to go Bye Bye (to borrow a few clichés) .

I really hope you are prepared for what’s coming and as I have stated many times, you can throw your virtue signaling paper masks in the trash, because they won’t protect you from a real virus like the one/s we may actually see in the next 6-12 months.