Movie Metaphors Ignored

(And some Hollywood films to enjoy this weekend)

…group text…

When you watch a dystopian or apocalyptic movie, do you evaluate the movie on its face or do you imagine yourself in the scenes? Do you imagine yourself in the movie and think about how you would handle the situation or do you simply enjoy the movie on the merits of the movie?

I believe most people judge the movie on its face without truly understanding the message. It’s easy to watch a love story or sad movie and be brought to tears, but how many if you can be moved to tears by a dystopian movie because you understand where we’re headed?

I’d like to suggest and recommend some movies for you to watch this holiday weekend. These are older movies you may have seen already, but I want you to watch them again – this time with new eyes. I want you to see if you can pick out the metaphors in them.

I tell people all the time that “the zombie apocalypse” or all of these zombie films we watch are excellent metaphors about the next Great Depression when it’s your neighbors beating you door down and trying to take your stuff (after they’ve been homeless for months and haven’t eaten for days), but few people understand what I’m talking about.

I suspect most of you will not do what I’m asking here, so I’ll go ahead and ruin the surprise for you with the incredible limitation of words.

…I’ll go ahead and tell you what I’d like for you to see and feel from these movies since I know you probably won’t watch these 2 movies. If I am mistaken about you and you will watch these movies – see if you can ascertain from the films what I did.

If not, here comes the spoiler. And again, stop reading now if you will watch these 2 movies: Elysium (2013), and Equilibrium (2002). Please watch them in that order.

…..if you decide to stop reading this text and go watch these 2 movies, then when you’re done – come back to this text and continue reading. …

I’d also like to hear what YOU think about those, so consider this your book report assignment for the weekend 🙂

Now, for those of you that won’t watch them. I watched Elysium and realized that the police state we’re headed towards is very much like what’s portrayed in the film. This dystopian film is a familiar story of totally tyranny where the power elite have everything and the ‘have nots’ are left behind. There are dozens, if not hundreds of similar films that foreshadow a bleak future for humans. Hollywood has been trying to tell us something for decades, but millions of people simply watch these movies without truly understanding what they just saw.

Last week, I was having a similar conversation about the stock market and the movie, “The Big Short”. I was explaining how millions watched the movie and still have no clue and no interest to change their financial situation even though the opportunity is currently staring them in the face.

Most of these films have a classic protagonist and antagonist with action and suspense to keep the clueless entertained, but the metaphors typically go unnoticed by the masses. I could list 100 movies that have blown my mind and brought me to tears many times. Not because the movie was beautiful or sad – no. Tears, because of where humanity is headed.

Here, I’ll give you an example… 20 years ago when I watched “Fight Club” for the first time, I literally felt high, stoned, or drunk at the end of the movie – my head was spinning like the room was actually moving. The movie blew my mind on what an amazing example of how powerful, yet fragile the human brain can be.

I suspect most of you watched that movie and either loved it or hated it, but you probably were not impacted to the degree that I was. And that’s ok, there isn’t a right or wrong way to enjoy a movie.

Anyway, back to Elysium – I really cant describe with words how terrible things things will be in our near future. All I can say is that, these totalitarian acts of total enslavement we are headed in to, and this world of total surveillance and total control over every aspect of our lives won’t be forced on the people – no. We will beg our masters for total enslavement out of fear and manipulation.

…Fear and manipulation they caused under false pretenses. Terrorism, racism, viruses, and every fake Hegelian principle you can name will cause us to beg for our own enslavement to keep us safe in the name of these bogus things that have been burned into our brains.

Do you Remember the famous line from the movie, “V for Vendetta”….
“I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHY THEY NEED US !!!” (And then that statement by the high chancellor was followed up with their main stream propaganda news sources to run all their over blown news headlines about racism, deaths, plandemic Virus deaths, etc.

A long time ago, I thought that the globalist take over of America would be UN soldiers marching down our streets with their riot gear and blue helmets – but no – it’s not happening like that at all.. it’s a scientifically planned out dictatorship with precision planning and implementation that’s falling into place quite nicely without force.

25 years ago they used to call it, “A New World Order”. Then they later called it, “Agenda 21”. Then “Agenda 2030”….

Now they’re calling it, “The Great Reset”. But not only are they calling it all these things and changing the name periodically to keep us confused… they’re doing it. The globalists are making their moves right now. Their naked totalitarian take over is uncloaked for anyone with eyes to see it.

…The fake wars on terror in the 2000s and the enslavement that followed. The false flag shootings to ban guns. The fake pandemic to usher in fear for total tracking and forced vaccines. I could go on and on but trust me when I tell you It’s happening all around us, just exactly – well almost exactly as Hollywood portrays it in these movies. It’s been happening for decades but most of us are too blind to see it. And when someone points it out to us – “hey, look they’re beginning to mandate vaccines…”. The response is… “oh you’re crazy, that’s Australia- they would never do that here”. Or “Hey, they’re trying to take our guns so we can’t fight back”. – “Dude, you’re paranoid – no one trying to take your guns”

It’s so heartbreaking to see and feel what’s coming and yet everyone around me is mind-numb or oblivious. Remember the movie, “Invasion of the body snatchers”? Where at the end of the film, you had to pretend you were one of them to keep from being caught? (You’ll see a similar parallel to that in the movie Equilibrium).

Anyway, this mind-numb apathetic attitude we have about what has been happening all around us for decades and what’s coming brings me to the second movie – EQUILIBRIUM.

Watch this movie and notice how we have all been brainwashed into thinking that the people in charge know what’s best and to just trust them with total control over our minds, our body and spirit.

I would like to invite you to see the world as it truly is. Take the blinders off and see beyond the make believe fantasy world of Hollywood and realize the truth.

Pretend you are Neo in “the Matrix” and you have just taken the red pill. See our world for where it is headed. Pretend the Hollywood films are real.

To see the chains that are being placed on you, breaks you free from them.