About Us

Definitions: A Mastermind is a person with an outstanding intellect and a Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve problems with input and advice from the other members in the group. The concept was coined in 1925 by the author Napoleon Hill in his book ‘The Law of Success’, and in more detail in his 1937 book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

The Grand Rapids (Michigan) Mastermind Group is a meeting place for like minded people who are able to apply critical thinking skills to the events that shape our world.

Sometimes we intellectual types tend to educate ourselves right up out of our social group and it sucks to feel so isolated so we have created this website for people to have a meeting place with other like minded individuals.

In other words, the more you begin to educate yourself on a topic (say taking drugs or smoking cigarettes for example), the more you learn how bad these things can be on many levels…  The more you do that, the more you find yourself no longer able to tolerate or subject yourself to others who do those things and so, it is YOU who feel isolated and you just don’t seem to fit into those social groups anymore.   So we have created this website to be a meeting place for intellectuals who share similar beliefs.   Think about organized religion for a moment – pick one – it doesn’t really mater which one you pick, but assume for a moment that you once really enjoyed the camaraderie or “fellowship” with others who shared the same beliefs, but then you later came to the realization that the entire thing just wasn’t for you anymore….  You find yourself either living the lie or breaking away from the group – this breaking away is what sucks with regards to leaving your friends and family to figure things out for themselves (if they ever do).

These might not be the best examples, but the point I am trying to make here is that once you begin to educate yourself about a thing, the more you begin to move up out of your peer group and become isolated.  It’s frustrating and lonely sometimes, so we created this website for anyone who can relate to what I’m talking about here.

Topics we talk about are wide ranging and down right “crazy” at times so if you find yourself having a tendency to question things or the status quo, you’ll probably fit right in.  Take a few minutes to check some of the links and if you find a topic of interest, please join us for discussion. Our meetings are thought provoking, intellectual, engaging and entertaining – so who knows, you just might NOT be as alone as you think you are.