Happy 4th of Lies this Weekend !

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and remind you what this 4th of July / Independence Day is really all about.

The 4th of Lies, errr 4th of July is suppose to commemorate our liberation from a tyrannical government (king George of England), and each year we observe this “holiday” in ignorance with lies and propaganda.  We celebrate soldiers as heroes for being used as pawns by the government in a giant global game of world domination. 

We celebrate patriotism and separateness as a good thing while millions of people around the world are murdered under US Imperialism.  We wake up every day and act like everything is great and wonderful in this world of dreams, while quietly behind the scenes our freedoms, our liberties, our entire way of life is violently being taken from us.

I say all this because independence day is suppose to represent freedom from an oppressive government… justice, peace and equality, but instead our federal government has become the Most tyrannical government the world has ever seen / violating all that is near and dear to our patriotic hearts. 

So like brain dead morons, we celebrate “our independence” without knowing or realizing that what we really have now is far worse than it ever was when England was in control 250 years ago.

The two primary causes for the revolutionary war in 1775 were high taxation at 3% and the refusal of king George to allow the colonies to operate their own honest money system.   

Welcome to the 21st century where we now pay (in some cases) as much as 40% or 50% taxation, and we have a bogus Fiat system of currency that’s backed by literally nothing and the exact opposite of an “honest money system”.

… Happy Independence Day slaves !!

And to celebrate this most auspicious day I’d like to provide you a music video (with lyrics) for your listening and educational enjoyment. 

The video, “Immortal Technique’s – The Poverty of Philosophy” will explain how we have exploited Blacks, Hispanics and Latinos and how government and media like to divide us up and have us fight with each other when the real problem is not each other, but the system itself. 

United, we’re strong and they can’t have that, so let’s hate each other instead.

The video brought tears to my eyes thinking about how we have abused and exploited certain races of people over the decades (or millennia for that matter),

….and sometimes I’m ashamed to call myself an American.

So while most of the brainwashed American sheeple (errr, I mean people) out there – celebrate a bogus 4th of July or “Independence Day”, a few of us will remember what really happened over the last 240+ years as we wipe the tears from our eyes and remember what we have done to this “land of the free”.

If you have some empathy in your soul and the following video touches your heart as it does mine, I’d like to invite you to listen to some of his other titles – such as, “bush knocked down the towers”, or “the 4th Branch”, “the cause of death”, etc. this rap artist really knows what’s going on in the world – too bad most of us don’t.. 

(Warning: explicit lyrics, and critical thinking skills required)
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