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It is extremely frustrating to do a serious Google search, “Top Conspiracy Theories” and get nothing but garbage articles. According to the Google search results, the top 5 search results for the most serious conspiracy theories are either erroneously “debunked” or the serious ones are not even mentioned on the pages. There are a few reasons for this, but the obvious one is that you are being brainwashed to believe all conspiracy theories are bullshit – which is totally not true. I mean some of the conspiracies are definitely BS while others are certainly not. Here’s an example: (the 1st one in the search results at the time of this post) do list some of the important / serious conspiracies but then they mix in some stupid ones to intentionally throw you off track. See if you can spot their trickery…? Additionally, the “debunking” that livescience attempts to do for the serious conspiracies are not based on facts. In other words, they take only the dumbest claims and debunk those instead of the real hard hitting issues. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this propaganda and white-washing nonsense either – go see for yourself – see if you can spot the BS.

If you think I’m kidding, try the search yourself.

The top 5 results are totally bogus.

The 2nd result in the list is and they are so obvious with their propaganda, it is almost comical. See if you can spot the bullshit on their page. The page reads, “35 of the most popular conspiracy theories in the US”

click to their website if you don’t believe me, but not serious word about 9/11, JFK, or the moon landing hoax. Instead they give you “35 of the most popular conspiracy theories” if you’re a total moron. Their list is not even remotely close to the truth! I mean seriously folks – are people this stupid as to not see what’s going on right in front of their eyes? If those are seriously the top 35 conspiracies in the USA, then we absolutely are living in the 2006 dystopian film Idiocracy. I mean, I know people are dumb, but WTF ?

In all seriousness, please do the google search yourself for “Top Conspiracy Theories“, and I challenge you to email me with some hard hitting debunking that actually discredits one or more of the more serious claims made on this website such as:

  1. 9/11 Was an Inside Job
  2. The 1969-1972 Moon Landings were a complete and total Hoax
  3. John F. Kennedy’s was Assassinated by our own government
  4. Federal Reserve & IRS are illegal, unconstitutional frauds of the century

I’m confident that you can not prove my articles wrong, and I look forward to anyone trying to do so. If you read my article/s, and find errors to discredit or disprove the claim that I am proving with the article, I will absolutely give you credit and I will revise or remove the articles immediately. However, do not send me 100s of pages of something and suggest I read it and get back to you as one moron did regarding The Mueller Report. I was trying to talk sensibly with someone a few weeks ago and prove to him that the entire 2016 Russian Collusion scam was a hoax and not based in truth. His response was simply, read the Mueller report and get back to him. Well here it is now 5/13/2020) and its crystal clear now that the entire thing was a scam. So Instead, if you feel like you can absolutely prove me wrong somewhere, please be as clear and concise as possible – explain it to me like I’m 5 years old – walk me through it so there can be no doubt with facts and links to sources.

…more to follow as I write the articles. this page is not done, check back later…

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