2 Unbelievable HR Bills Introduced, HR5717 & HR6666

These two new house bills are so UNBELIEVABLE, that I could not decide which to write this article about, so I decided to shed some light on both of them.

I think what’s worse is that the average American is so dumbed down and so biased, that they have no clue what these new bills will mean if they become law. In fact, I’ve talk to a few people (who have no idea what the US Constitution says), that they actually think these new laws would be a good idea.

In the interest of time, I think I will just post the links to the Bills and rebroadcast a couple summary videos so you can see for yourself.

I BEG YOU TO START CALLING YOUR CONGRESSMEN TO VOTE NO ON THESE IMMEDIATELY. The House and the Senate need to have their switch boards jammed for months in opposition to these. If you get busy signals, just keep calling until you’re blue in the face. We need to let them know we still have a pulse.

HR5717 (one of THE most unconstitutional Gun Bills we have ever seen), introduced in the House on 1/30/202


Here’s a link to the video on YT, but I suspect it will be deleted soon. Military Arms Channel (who posted that video), have over 1 Million Subscribers, so I think his summery and assessment of HR5717 is very relevant. However, in cause you’re not sure, this next short HR5717 summary is also very compelling that we must act immediately to defeat these – Our Lives Depend on it!


Here’s the original YT video, and his channel in case YouTube deletes it or you would like to support him.

Please use this link to call your House Representative and this one for your Senator.

Please flood their lines of communication to let them know we are watching and THEY HAD BETTER ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!

I am very upset by the above new bill, and I hope you also find the courage to also do everything in your power to get the word out and help to defeat these career criminal politicians who are hell-bent on annihilating our Constitution.

(Sigh – take a breath)

Ok, let’s take a hard look at this other House Bill, HR6666 that was introduced 2 weeks ago on 5/1/2020. Here is a chilling 3 minute summary video:


This next 8 minute clip explains what one medical doctor thinks about it:


So again, I implore you to call, write, email your House Representative and your Senator. Our Civil Liberties are hanging in the balance – what are YOU going to do about it?

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