Fact Based Medical Reports Being Removed from YouTube: Mikovits Plandemic

In this article, I will present both sides of the controversy and let the reader ascertain the truth.

We know that our government is out of control, but it’s looking like tech giants such as Facebook and Youtube are also completely on board with the government cover-ups! Just like the 2 doctors from California, who had their press conference deleted from YouTube, here is Dr. Judy Mikovits exposing Anthony (Tony) Fauci and others who had her arrested and sent to jail because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She’s out of jail and it’s time to tell the truth about it.

These videos are being posted here under Fair Use and out of the reach of corporate and government corruption, coverups or censorship.


The above video is shocking. It’s hard to believe our government is capable of such things, but when we stop and really pay attention to what has been going on in the United States for the last 100 years, it’s plan to see that the US Government is totally out of control. In this next video, Dr. Judy Mikovits is interviewed by a news reporter from AmericsVoice.news. The video was posted on YT yesterday, and I suspect it will also be deleted from YT, just as soon at the YT Fascists get wind of it there..



Here is where you will be required to apply some critical thinking skills. A quick Google search for the Mikovits Plandemic will turn up dozens of pages trying to discredit Dr. Mikovits and debunk the Plandemic video. The controversial video is a 25 minute clip from a documentary that has created a shit storm of controversy as people begin to realize just how bad vaccines can be and how corrupt our government is.

One website says, “Mikovits was arrested for allegedly stealing data from The Whittemore-Peterson Institute, her employer at the time.” according to a 2011 article on Science Magazine.

The Chicago Tribune said recently that her work was “discredited years ago”, and that she published a paper that other researchers couldn’t validate and so she was fired.

Mikovits’ response was that other scientists were not trying to test her work “completely in good faith“. And then when you investigate why she was fired… They tried to say that her own notebooks, personal information, and thumb drives (and the info they contained) were the property of the company. 🙂

People have a tendency to believe what they want to believe based on a myriad of reasons – some reasons are based in reality and others, not so much. Usually it’s the Herd Mentality that takes over to confuse people. However, if you apply some critical thinking, you can absolutely read between the lines to uncover the truth.

One Doctor, “Zubin Damania” aka ZDOGGMD posted a YouTube video calling Americans “So Frikking Stupid to take even a second of this horrible garbage conspiracy nonsense seriously.”

Apparently, Mr. ZDoggMD is very uninformed and quite brainwashed by main stream news himself. He appears to be an educated guy but obviously biased with mainstream academia and therefore unable to ascertain what is true and what isn’t. In medical school, he was trained to look at issues from only one side and that’s the opposite of critical thinking skills. Pathology is mostly influenced by Mega-Pharmaceutical companies who are in the business of selling a product. In fact, many times, doctors will actually consult their pharmaceutical representative for the best drug to sell the patient because they simply don’t have time to get to the bottom of an issue.

Speaking directly to Mr. ZDogg here, I’d like to say to him that a real Doctor or Scientist will set aside his preconceived beliefs and ideas about a thing to test what he thinks he knows. It’s called the scientific method, perhaps you should look into it.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to his rant yourself.


In all fairness to Dr. Damania, he is no different than millions of other brainwashed Americans who have difficulty looking behind the curtain to see what’s really going on. After a quick view of his YT channel and some of his videos, I think he is a genuine and likeable guy. The problem is that sometimes these people get so caught up in what they think they know already. Or perhaps they think they’re so smart, that they already have all the answers and so there’s no reason to look any further. I mean if you already KNOW it’s a crazy conspiracy theory then there is no need or reason to check the facts is there Dr. Damania?

He says, the video has millions of views and that he is confused as to ‘why’ because “The first 5 seconds reeks of crazy sauce and no one can recognize that?

Well, Mr. Snoop D-O-double ZdoggMD, the reason it has millions of views is because some people are actually watching and listening with an open mind and WITHOUT a bias against, “crazy conspiracy theories”. Some people are actually trying to find out what’s true and what isn’t.

If you sir, open your academically blind eyes and take a look at what’s really going on – perhaps you too can wake up and set aside your herd mentality. I would invite you to pull your own head out of YOUR ass and start with these 3 short 5 minutes videos to begin educating yourself.

You want some “science to back it up” Mr. Smart guy (ZDoggMD) ? try this:

Let’s start with a history lesson:


ok, now let us get our facts straight:


and finally, let’s connect the dots:


Any questions?

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