Exterminate Millions of People by 2050?

With all the COVID-19 Coronovirus hysteria floating around, the American people specifically are watching world leaders (and what they say) like hawks. There have been lots of talk about forced vaccines, global tracking methods (to keep track of who has antibodies and or a vaccine and who doesn’t), as well as Population Control.

You might ask yourself what does “Population Control” have to do with COVID-19? There is much to say on this, so I will try to be as concise as possible to get to the point quickly. Regardless of Covid19 being a man-made bio weapon or not, and regardless of the fact that COVID is proving to be about as deadly (or the lack thereof) as the common flu – with all that set aside for a moment, let’s consider what world leaders are actually saying (and have been saying for decades).

Before we continue, please read my other article on “Population Control“. In that article, I asked a facetious (treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant) question for someone to explain population control to me. I know exactly what the plan is, but when you try to explain the global plan to the average person, they look at you like YOU’RE the idiot – it’s quite frustrating.

ANYWAY, so someone sent me the following video where Bill Gates appears to be very passionate about reducing the population. I mean let’s face it, there are a lot of people on the planet for sure – I get that. But take a look at the following 3 minute video clip. Granted this clip is edited and probably taken out of context, so we will look at the entire video and analyze it carefully to see if these people really do want to exterminate millions of people by 2050.


For anyone who tries to make me remove these videos, please note they are posted here under “Fair Use” (United States Commercial Code rules), so have a nice day.

OK, so it really sounds like Bill Gates wants to reduce the number of people on the planet by 10%-15%, but let’s take a closer look at the original video in just a moment.

FIRST, let us get our facts straight about CO2 (also known as Carbon Dioxide) and the number of people vs farm animals.

I would like to ask Mr. Gates, “Where are farm animals in your equation sir?” There are approximately 70 billion farm animals that are raised for food in the world each year. And just in case you forgot, there are only ~8 Billion people on the planet, so if you ask me, it looks like farm animals / livestock are the real problem if you want to blame animals (yes humans are animals) for CO2 emissions. Additionally, if anyone wants to look into it – large agribusiness (factory farms) contribute WAY MORE pollution and greenhouse gases / CO2 than “people” – look it up. Or save yourself some time and watch a documentary titled, “Cowspiracy“. But let’s stay on point here – stay with me…

CO2… I think someone should tell Mr. Gates that all plants and trees on the planet (as far as I know) REQUIRE CO2 / carbon dioxide, so trying to “reduce CO2 emissions to zero” is not only totally impossible, but very IGNORANT. In fact, in the video (and I’ll present the complete full unedited video below) the audience actually starts laughing when he says, “we have to get one of these numbers to zero” (implying humans) – that is until they realize he isn’t joking.

ALSO… CO2 is not the problem! First it was mass hysteria about Global Cooling.. Then it was Global Warming.. Then it was Global Climate Change. The talking heads will pedal whatever shit they think the dumbed down American people will believe for an agenda. I mean seriously – we Americans have the attention span and memory of a sea slug.

I’m getting irritated just thinking about how dumb we Americans are, but let me try to stay on point here… Let’s watch the full unedited 30 minute video and pay close attention to what he says starting at about 2 minutes to about 5 minutes, and feel free to watch the entire video for context if you like. If you think I’m wrong, then please send me an explanation with supporting evidence and I will investigate your claims – I might even post them publicly.


On first listen , the video sounds innocent and benevolent, but if you read between the lines, the agenda is very clear and it’s quite malevolent. Keep in mind his / their timeline to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. He says we MUST reduce emissions by 2050 and he clearly says that alternative energy sources are not going to get us there short of a miracle, so the obvious (unspoken) solution is to reduce population. In fact, he does say that as I mentioned above, but let’s look a little closer shall we?

On a psychological level, it’s very easy to believe someone and accept what they’re saying based solely on how we feel about the person speaking (not on merit). In other words, often times we accept what a person says simply because we like the person. Bill seems like an innocent and likeable person truly passionate about climate change and seems to genuinely want to help the planet. In his mind, that’s probably exactly what he’s trying to do. But when you apply a little (not so) commonsense and logic… Either Bill is a total idiot (which I am sure he is NOT), or his plans are quite nefarious.

Think about it from this angle…

Mr. Gates gives a 30 minute lecture on how he thinks CO2 is killing the planet and that we need to reduce that to zero. In the first 5 minutes he says that people are the problem but then takes the next 25 minutes to say we have to come up with an alternative energy that’s basically not going to happen by 2050.

Ergo the solution (if you read between the lines) is to get rid of people.

So to me (reading between the lines)… we got bill gates saying there’s too many people on the planet and in the video he (almost) literally says that people need to be reduced close to zero in order to get CO2 levels down to zero (CO2=P (people) + the crap they use (services, energy, etc). He also states that in order to get CO2 emissions close to zero, we have to get one of the other numbers also close to zero (implying people or the crap we use) for the equation to work.

Some of the audience actually started laughing but then quickly realized he was serious.

Mr. Gates fails to mention that:
A) CO2 isn’t the problem and all plants and trees require CO2 and
B) where are factory farm animals or animals in general in the equation?

They’re not because “oh people are the problem”. I get it now.

Bill Gates funds the CDC, UN, WHO, NIH, and others with millions of dollars in grants who also agree there are too many people on the planet. Please note this is the same guy who owns a pharmaceutical company, owns the patents on the vaccine (which they have already by the way), and his organization exercised a war game scenario last fall (called Event 201) where a corona virus kills 65M people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and others are predicting more than 100 Million deaths from starvation in 55 countries due to first world countries shutting down from Covid-19. Additionally, Covid seems to only be killing the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Oh, I get it now – it’s all starting to make sense…

….And now we find out Bill Gates (among dozens other people ‘in the know’) have underground survival bunkers ? A simple google search will turn up hundreds of articles, but I’ll link a few at the end of this for you to take a look at….

I think these people really do want to exterminate most of the people on the planet with the “next virus” (more serious than Covid-19). It’s starting to look like the only reason they don’t release Ebola on us is because they don’t have a patent or a vaccine for that. I guess if you have everything you could every need or want, and you don’t require people to buy your stuff anymore, then why not play God and do a little exterminating… err I mean house cleaning to remove the scum of the earth (people) who are exhausting resources and destroying the planet. Good Job Bill ! (sarcastically speaking)

In closing: Let’s see if I have it all straight.. You get together with your buddies, cook up a virus to unleash on the people that serves many agendas, and you make trillions of dollars on top of it all when they start forcing everyone to take your vaccine? It’s a brilliant plan I guess.

Survival Bunker Articles as mentioned above:

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…and many others, but you get the idea – the smart people are getting ready, are you?

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