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On April 5th, 2020 I sent the following update to our subscribers. (I’ll have this website up to date very soon so that new articles will appear in chronological order).

Many of us “informed types” have some suspicions on what’s coming and I could share them with you, but you’d probably go running for the hills – or you’d want to come lock me up with a straight jacket so instead I’ll keep my options to myself and let the following 6 minute video give you a little insight as to what’s coming regarding Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

2 days ago (April 3rd), I sent you a tiny snapshot of germ warfare history but it runs FAR deeper than what I can explain with a few words here and there in these text updates. (for those of you who missed it, I’ll link that article below)

In fact, hundreds (if not thousands) of books have been written on the subject of bio terrorism and germ warfare. I’ve been fortunate to have read a half dozen or more of them over the years because that too is another area of interest for me. However, today’s “History Lesson” is even more chilling and much worse than you think. So in the interest of time, please watch the following 6 minute video to learn some shocking truth about what’s coming.


DON’T JUST GLOSS OVER and skip through that video – PAY ATTENTION! In fact, watch it again – this shit is real. If you’re still having trouble to believe what you just heard, take a serious listen to this next video. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on and what’s coming next:


There you have… Forced vaccines are coming whether you want to believe it or not. Contact Tracing Apps are already being downloaded by millions of idiots so that Governments and Big Tech companies and monitory and track you every move and the most shocking element about this is that they won’t be “Forced” – NO, the People will beg for it. We will beg for bogus vaccines and unconstitutional tracking device and “Contact Tracing Apps” on our phones out of fear and hysteria (based on false pretenses / lies) that we have all been brainwashed to accept as truth.

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