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A couple weeks ago on April 25th, I sent out the following update to our subscribers. (once I get caught up with this website, articles will be in chronological order)..

Demonstrating courage is contagious, but I need to hear your opinion on this before I “do something crazy”. If you’d like to participate, upload it to social media, or simply be moral support, that would be fun. It has taken me several days to build the courage to do this and it’s now time for me to put my actions where my mouth has been.

First, most of you know that wearing a surgical mask is not only a joke (because the numbers don’t add up to warrant the response), but that wearing a paper mask is virtue signaling that we’re all good little slaves and we simply do what we are told based on fear and hysteria.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being a coward. I’m tired of being lied to by fake news and I’m tired of going with the sheeple flow.
…And I’m tired of being afraid !

By the way, in case you don’t know, a paper or cloth mask “does NOT stop an airborne virus”! And likewise, Latex gloves can actually exacerbate a virus spread if they’re not changed regularly.

All this virtue signaling with paper masks is all based on the idea that Covid-19 is actually a serious threat (which it is not – more have died from the common flu) …and that’s why we know all this fake mask wearing crap is total virtue signaling.

On MONDAY, Menards (a large box store here in Michigan) and many other large stores are going to start having security at the doors to force patrons to wear a mask before they enter the store !

Granted it’s their store and they can do what they want so we have to vote with our dollars and choose to shop there or not.

However that’s not even the point.

The point is – all this fake virus pandemic hysteria is building a “new normal” and laying the ground work for what’s to follow.

In other words, you may not believe forced vaccines are coming before you can “mass gather” or travel (even though that’s exactly what they’re telling us), but this mask wearing crap may become a permanent way of life if we don’t find our fortitude and do something about it with oppositional defiance.

So, what I’m proposing (and will personally start doing in the next few days), are two things:

I am going to start wearing either a ‘V for Vendetta / Guy Fawks’ mask or else I might start wearing one of my real Army NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) masks when I go out in public or into a store promoting mask hysteria. (Or perhaps, I wont wear one at all and say I have a medical condition that prohibits me from wearing one because the excess CO2 and reduced oxygen causes me to pass out).

In other words, if they want us to wear a totally useless mask, then why not a costume mask ?

As I said, a surgical, paper, or cloth mask is totally useless against a real virus so if you’re worried about it or can afford one, wear a real NBC mask that will actually filter out virus particles.

Plus it will cause a scene and help others who are on the fence about all this fear mongering so they too can find THEIR courage and follow suit. Courage is literally contagious so more people need to see us lead by example and begin to stand up and resist the nonsense before it’s too late.

The Second thing I am going to start doing is ‘Open Carry’. I know many of you are afraid of guns and are even more afraid to exercise your constitutional 2nd amendment right to wear or carry one openly in public – and I understand, but I really think it’s time we find our courage and take a stand. We seriously need to begin to crawl out of the wood work to let others know there are more patriots among us than the sheeple know.

What I mean by this is that if each of us can can begin to muster the courage to open carry (which is totally legal here in Michigan even with a mask on)… yes I called the Kent County sheriff yesterday to verify it….

THEN others will find THEIR courage too.

I’m not trying to start a civil war, but I am asking each of you to find your own courage and exercise your RIGHT to keep and BARE ARMS before you loose it. I am also asking you to stop the virtue signaling with a useless surgical mask and wear a costume mask instead.

I will lead by example and I totally get how fearful this can be to stand out and lead by example but we really need to show each other that we’re not afraid anymore.

We have been afraid for too long and it’s time to either put aside our fear or accept the new tyrannical normal. You can label this conspiracy BS all you like, but if you open your eyes, it’s happening whether you refuse to see it or not.

…here’s a little inspiration music for you…

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