Major Food Shortage Eminent!

On Tuesday April 28th, 2020 I sent the following update to our subscribers. It’s now been a week since I posted that and I’m updating the website here now. The update was listed as:

RED ALERT: Major Food Shortage Eminent!

Right after I sent that alert, within hours Persident Trump released an executive order to keep food producers in business so time will tell if the following has any impact on our food supply.

Thank you Lori for the video you sent me this morning. I have been suggesting people get prepared for months, but this video she sent me will drive it home for you.

Ask your skeptic / sheeple friends (who think the Covid-19 hysteria is justifiable), – ask them what they think about trucking companies, large farms, packing / processing plants all being shut down for months for beef, poultry, pork, as well as produce and vegetables ? Ask them if they know livestock are being euthanized by the tens of thousands and milk is being pumped out (wasted) by the hundreds of thousands of gallons?

As I mentioned to Lori, (who knows I’ve been vegan for 8 years)… “I do think people should be vegetarian (for health and planet sustainability) but if people are going to eat meat, it should be 10% of their diet or less.”

However, that doesn’t mean I think the food supply for both vegetarian and meat eaters should be turned off for months.”

Please watch the following 6 minute video:


Here is a quick 2 minute video that was posted to YT on 4/28 with additional supporting information. I’ve posted it here under Fair Use


..In my opinion, the shit is about to hit the fan like we haven’t seen for 100 years (as I have been saying for months), but most people think it’s cute and funny to play this “Let’s wear a mask game” …and shut everything down for a few months so we can play hooky from work.

What do you think will happen to our food supply ?

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