Explain Population Control to Me

I must be an idiot, because I was trying to explain the following to someone and she looked at me like I’m crazy. So perhaps I need someone to explain IT to ME… ?

The United Nations (UN), the WHO, Bill Gates, Fauci, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bush Jr. and Sr., and many others over the decades have said many times there are too many people on the planet in their papers and talks (I’ll link a couple below). In fact in this first article the UN says that from 1960-2000, we saw the global population increase from 3B to 6 billion people and by 2050, we’re expecting 10B people or more.

In one of the UN reports titled Agenda 2030, they suggest the following (and herein lies my question)…

The United Nations established in 2015 seventeen global targets for Agenda 2030. These goals are commendable, and Sweden and other countries have a commitment to live up to them. The goals include, for instance, eliminating global poverty and hunger, and sustainable consumption by 2030. We highlight here one missing goal which is required to fulfill many of the other goals; to curb population growth.

Source: https://overpopulation-project.com/uns-agenda-2030-add-the-goal-slow-down-population-growth/

  1. I would like for you to explain to me how “eliminating poverty and hunger” will slow or reduce population? Wouldn’t that actually increase population by eliminating poverty and hunger ? That’s the first question.

There are other goals such as “family planning must be emphasized” by ensuring that millions of women give birth to far fewer children, etc. The above article is very clear the UN must reduce population. (Read it for yourself)

In this next article there is more massive double speak that i would like someone to interpret for me…

The September 2019 article titled, “ The world and the UN must reduce population growth” says –

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals imply that there is no longer any need to reduce global population growth, even though it is a serious problem that undermines most of the SDG targets”

But then the article clearly goes on to suggest similar goals of “improving birth control methods”, proper family planning for 0.5 children per family, empowering women to abstain. etc.

Source: https://populationmatters.org/news/2019/09/12/world-and-un-must-reduce-population-growth

So my second question is…

2. Do you think it is conceivable or plausible the WHO, the UN and other globalist organizations would consider mass extermination to reduce population? I have heard “conspiracies” that they want to reduce it from 10B to 1B-3B or evening 500 million by 2050. And if so, what’s the likelihood of a REAL global pandemic to achieve that goal ?

Followup: After our local discussion, it was mentioned that: Bill Gates has said in his talks and interviews many times that “the vaccine” will harm millions of people so governments need to indemnify the pharmaceutical companies. So in other words, if Covid-19 doesn’t get you, our vaccine will. And God forbid they unleash a more virulent virus in the coming months – or perhaps the vaccine itself will kill millions?

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