Posting Every 2 Years :-)

This is hilarious, because it looks like I only post to this website every 2 years, almost to the day! 3 articles / 3 posts in exactly 3 years (almost to the exact date) – too funny! I didn’t intend for this to happen, but for some reason I can’t seem to keep up with this website except for every 24 months. However, today and this weekend, I will update the website here with some posts and articles that our group have been talking about and I hope to be more consistent and more frequent with my articles here, but time will tell I guess.

I also hope to shift our conversations to THIS website as I originally intended over the next few days, so that it isn’t a matter of me trying to update the website, but instead – have this website be the medium by which we communicate. I think in doing so, this will benefit YOU – the internet reader wherever you are. Our Master Mind Group is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan but I’m sure there are smart people all over the US and world and as such, you’re all welcome here.

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