Medical Doctors’ Press Conference Deleted from YouTube

The following article is about a press conference that 2 medical doctors from California (Dr. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi) did exposing the facts about Covid-19 Corona virus. Their video had millions of views on YouTube, but was removed for no reason other than YT (and the Government) doesn’t want this information out!

That’s right ladies and gentleman, good ole YouTube is now engaged in fascist censorship to keep you from knowing the truth. Facebook has been doing it for a long time too, but this latest scandal about YT removing a press conference of two medical doctors speaking the truth, is massively Orwellian!

This first video is an excellent summary expose by Greg Reese from and, but I will link the full unedited video below. These videos are posted here under “Fair Use”.


“After testing thousands of people for COVID-19, Dr. Dan Erickson co-owner of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield California, held a news conference to release their data compared to CDC’s data and deliver a powerful message. Covid19 is more present and less fatal than we were told. The number suggest that it is less dangerous than influenza and the shelter in place order is causing far more harm than good. Their information is based on science and the message is chilling.”

Here’s what Tucker Carlson from Fox News first had to say about the video:


…and then here’s what Tucker had to say the next day after YT removed the video. Tucker’s report here is outstanding and right on the money…


To answer Tucker’s question, “What is the scientific evidence to justify taking the video down?” Well Tucker – the globalists don’t want the truth getting out. They want people to be afraid, they want the economy to suffer, they want millions to die in 3rd world countries from starvation when first world countries shut down. They want us to beg for vaccines, they want us to get used to all these unconstitutional acts because more are coming.

The complete, full 1 hour video is here:

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