Next Level Political Trickery

At first I was going to simply post a video here to see if you could spot the the trickery without me saying anything, but in the interest of time, I’ll just cut to the chase and say that what you are about to see is OFF THE CHARTS and some Next Level Political Trickery like I’ve never seen before!!


In fact, I nearly signed up on the website Michael Douglas was promoting in the video. But before I say too much more, please watch the very compelling 10 minute video with Michael Douglas.


“Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall” (10 minutes)


My initial response after watching the video was, “WOW – We Are Doomed!” The problem is… Let me rephrase that, THE CATASTROPHE is… those are LIBERTARIAN view points, not liberal.

I thought about it for a few minutes and realized that most Americans will identify with what Michael Douglas is saying in the video and then jump on the liberal ban wagon to usher in even more doom.

Before we continue let’s define what “liberal” actually means. if you click here to read the Merriam-Webster definition it will send you down a long and winding trail about how the word “liberal” is derived from liberty and freedom. However history has proven the contrary and “liberal” in the political sense is almost the exact opposite of liberty and freedom in terms of voting for liberal politicians and watching what they do. That’s another topic; so let’s come back to this next level deception video.

Liberal, libertarian what’s the difference? (most people will think)

Well one difference is that even though a libertarian actually stands for liberty and freedom (unlike a political liberal), the majority of people will not vote for a libertarian because they have no chance of winning a presidential election. The reason they have no real chance is explained quite nicely in the above Michael Douglas video. In fact as MD explains, all a third-party candidate does is serve to detract from the main two candidates (which is a total illusion of choice by the way – they’re both generally nefarious in their deeds).

So anyway let’s stay on point and talk about the video…

As I said above I was amazed and impressed when I watched that and nearly signed myself up on the website he was promoting, Then I realized – wait a minute, isn’t Michael Douglas a flaming liberal Democrat?

Here’s a 2 minute clip from 2016 before the election…


And as you can see, we have a very influential person putting out a strong message that most of us can relate to in the above video, but the video is dubious. The video has a little bit of poison sprinkled in – can you taste it? The RepresentUs video is trying to confuse and trick us all into thinking that all of the ideas in the video are great, when some of them are deadly toxic to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. But as you probably know already, liberal Democrats don’t give two shits about the United States Constitution.

Here are two points to make this case:
First, let’s look at the website Michael Douglas is promoting where they score the candidates being supportive of ‘corruption reform’ and all the liberal Democrats score high (who are absolutely corrupt) except for Trump who nearly fails the scoring – Here’s a screen shot.

Trump in fact, is the only one in the list who is actually trying to reform the corruption in Washington, but because he won’t go along with their “vote from home scam” that he must be against their “anti-corruption bill”.

So in other words, it’s helping to fight corruption if you can vote from from home? How stupid are we? I guess we Americans are pretty damn stupid because there are tens of thousands of people supporting the RepresentUs reformation.

Digital vote counting and voting from home will be an unprecedented mistake that will ‘nail the coffin shut’ for the United States of America. However and according to Michael Douglas voting from home will be a fantastic way to end the corruption, so again ladies and gentlemen, more brilliantly written propaganda to confuse the masses.

The deception from these Leftist / Marxist / Socialists / Liberal Democrats is off the charts.

The second point is that they are promoting a “vote from home idea” that will further exacerbate the out of control election fraud. Anyone who knows anything at all about voting fraud will absolutely tell you that we need to maintain paper ballots to reduce the election fraud.

Additionally, the Anti-American group – “Represent.Us” being promoted in the video is pushing heavily for Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) so that you’re “automatically registered to vote when you have a transaction at the Department of Motor Vehicles” (or Secretary of the State). This AVR by default, would lower the voting age to 16, circumvent any guarantee against non-resident and resident alien voting. But I mean if you think about it: that’s exactly what the Democrats want – they want more young, naive voters. They want non resident aliens as well as illegal immigrants to have the ability to vote because they know that these demographics typically vote for more “free” government handouts and more socialist programs. These ignorant and uninformed voters will also vote for tyranny and socialist liberal Democrats who support these types of things.

As you know the best rat poison is 99% yummy good stuff and 1% deadly toxin to kill you deader than a door knob.

The above video you just watched, is absolutely rat poison for the millions of United States rats who ignorantly vote for the wrong people and the wrong agendas based on ignorance and misleading propaganda.

We are totally doomed and unless the sleeping giant awakes, there’s no hope for the Constitutional Republic of America.

I’ve seen a lot of political double speak and trickery in my day, but this video is absolutely a brilliant psychological warfare on the idiots who don’t know any better and will sadly vote for socialist liberals (because they like the message and the story teller).

The masses of idiots like; trust and agree with the message but overlook or don’t understand the fact that they’ve just been lied to about the fact that these are NOT liberal ideas or messages. These messages are mostly based in libertarian view points except for a few evil deeds mixed in – but again, that’s exactly how rat poison works !

If you think I’m kidding, scroll up and watch the interview again and pay close attention to what happens in the video when Michael Douglas is asked about gun control… ? The video is magically edited when he is about to mention his tyrannical position on gun control. If you think I edited it, here’s the original on YT.

So here we have a likable and influential guy stating emphatically that he is a liberal but posing as a libertarian and then mixing in some good stuff along with some really poisonous stuff. You are being tricked and confused into voting for liberal / socialist / democratic viewpoints under the guise of libertarian ideas.

Sigh… We are totally screwed – what do you think? Please tell me I’m wrong. Please help me awake from the dystopian nightmare I seem to have found myself in.

…..I thought I was going to end the article here, but the saga continues…

As it turns out, that Michael Douglas video above is an updated version released in December of 2019. The previous video was put out there with socialist Jennifer Lawrence as the expert in February 2019. But if you look at their “About Us” page, it is filled with liberal socialists hell-bent on destroying the United States, not “fixing it”.. I mean – oh yeah, they want to “fix it” alright!

I guess if you can get enough influential (and beautiful) people together to convince all the idiots out there in the USA that RepresentUS is trying to help, then what’s the harm with a few lies mixed in? What’s the harm in eviscerating the US Constitution?

I will admit, the Michael Douglas video is much more deceptive than the Jennifer Lawrence video, so I can see why the had to re make the video – but they do appeal to different classes of people. You can click on her name (above) to go watch her video on YouTube, or start the video below: If you do go to YT, read the comments – it looks like not everyone is asleep (thank God).


As you can see, these RepresentUs people (Liberals) are getting MUCH better in their ability to deceive us – as is plan to see when comparing this video to the second Michael Douglas video 11 months later.

But that’s not why I am mentioning the first Jennifer Lawrence video… When I found the JL video, I began to notice the comments and as I said, people really are waking up. In the JL video comments on YouTube, the source of the video (RepresentUs) emphatically states, “We have never received any funding from George Soros” (who is a known Nazi Collaborator and sponsors many nefarious left-wing organizations such as Antifa) and yet on their Donor List they show the “Tides Foundation” as one of their top donors (which is funded by the Soros group) – nice cover up though. (sarcasm). If they delete it, here’s a screen shot.

What we need are less lies and less propaganda from socialist liberal democrats like most of “RepresentUs” spokespersons and sponsors who simply want to destroy the United States of America and usher in their New World Order of total control and absolute socialism.